CORE32 Music Gateway

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Network music gateway for slimserver.

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Power connector2.1/5.5 mm DC Buchse
Stromversorgung5 V DC @ 2 A
Network10 / 100 / 1000 Ethernet via RJ45
Local music file storageUSB drive or NAS via SMB
PlatformSqueezebox Server (LMS)
Music services (subject to change)On-line premium on-demand music streaming services include Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz & TIDAL*, Internet radio services include specific Plug-ins for BBCiPlayer Radio, BBC Sounds, Times Radio (UK) Paradise Radio (lossless)

*Requires sign-up to
Supported file formatsAAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, MPEG-4 FLAC WAV Ogg FLAC, Org Vorbis, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro
Unterstützte Abtastraten44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192 @ 16 or 24 bit


Schnellstart AnleitungCORE32 Quick Start Guide
BedienungsanleitungCORE32 User Manual
Neueste FirmwareVersion 1.4.0
Source Codeyocto sources

3 Bewertungen für CORE32 Music Gateway

  1. Andy Ponnaz

    I’m no computer geek but took a shot at purchasing a Moon 180 streamer 3 years ago but couldn’t get it to work properly. I tried a Raspberry Pi and also got nowhere with it. Hint, I’ve got the Moon and a Raspberry Pi rotting away. The dream of having my own quality music in different spaces around the house seemed way over the horizon.

    In mid March this year, I watched John Darko introducing the Core32 gateway as a virtual plug and play approach to good quality streaming so I got in touch with PolyVection. It was just launched and was told to standby as they ramped up production of it along with their DAC32. These arrived in Thailand in mid August via their UK distributor Audiostore. I finally got the courage to plug everything in per instructions, or so I thought. Other than the lights coming on, I was stuck. So I reached to PolyVection who replied with guidance (I misunderstood some of the terms). Within a couple of hours of my first email, Bob and Philip stayed connected and guided me, a non-computer geek, to getting it to work. I swear, if I can do it, anyone can!

    Running the DAC32 into my Loxgie tube headphone amp into Senneiheiser HD6XX and casually selecting the first track which turned out to be a Flac recording of Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water, I was gob-smacked. Then went for Ennio Morricone’s On Earth As It Is in Heaven (from The Mission soundtrack) and just had goose bumps. The Core32 works flawlessly and the DAC32 is “unexpectedly top notch”. I mean, for the price and all the claims from left, right and centre, PolyVection have really addressed the fundamental of quality audio streaming for critical audiophiles on a budget.

    I took the DAC32 downstairs and connected it to the Mackintosh receiver powering my Yamaha room monitor speakers and was absolutely floored at the rendering of the music. The system clarity and ease of use was way beyond my expectations. The UI on the computer and smartphone was just so simple to use as well. Well Done PolyVection!


    I’m still new at this and have unearthed streaming from a couple of radio stations. Soon, Tidal to follow!

  2. Robert James

    I first bought a Logitech Squeezebox Duet in 2008 and have used it since then to listen to my music collection stored on a Synology NAS drive, as well as many domestic and overseas internet radio stations available via the TuneIn app. It came as a blow when Synology announced a year or so ago that they were no longer providing Logitech Media Server (LMS) on their NAS drives. This had been working flawlessly, so with heavy heart I began the hunt for an alternative. It proved a difficult task as even the much-praised Audiolab 6000N streamer and its DTS Play-Fi app did not support gapless playback, something that I regard as a must. (Imagine listening to an album like The Dark Side of the Moon with jarring chunks of silence which spoil the smooth progression of the tracks and you’ll understand.)
    It was with some trepidation therefore that I approached the CORE32 Gateway, made by the German company Polyvection. After some small initial difficulties, rapidly solved by Polyvection support, it has worked very well indeed. I use both the ‘default’ skin (same as the old LMS user interface) to access my NAS drive, and the newer UI available with the CORE32 for browsing radio stations. The only issue, nothing to do with Polyvection, is that following a court ruling, TuneIn have had to cut the number of overseas internet stations available on its app. Never mind, the CORE32 also provides BBC Sounds, Radio Paradise and Times Radio in addition to Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer and TIDAL. Best of all, the CORE32 supports gapless playback, being based on the Squeezebox ecosystem. Conclusion: The CORE32 is a worthy – and improved – supplement to a traditional Squeezebox and I love it.

  3. Arjan

    Due to the end of support by Synology for the LMS server, I was glad to find an alternative in the Core32 Gateway. It’s serving four Squeezeboxes throughout my house with ease. Compared to the Synology solution it’s a lot more responsive and the web based interface with the Material skin (Synology only had the default) is a giant leap forward. For me the Core32 is a low-energy, totally noiseless, easy to set up server for my Sqeezeboxes.

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