DIGI32 Streamer


Network music streamer with digital TOSLINK and S/PDIF output. Squeezebox, AirPlay and Bluetooth compatible.

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Our DIGI32 wireless music streamer is a high quality WiFi connected music streamer built around an ESP32 microcontroller and utilising a high performance S/PDIF and TOSLINK transceiver in a carefully optimised ultra low-noise design. We were using our high end audio analyser to fine-tune the digital circuitry achieving best performance. Unlike most standard consumer graded digital streamers we fully isolated the electrical S/PDIF output to avoid any kind of ground loops that might arise in some setups. This ensures optimal signal integrity along with best transmission performance.

Das Geräte wird mit einer sehr aktiven Open Source Community Software vorinstalliert: Squeezelite-ESP32. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen kommerziell erhältlichen Geräten ermöglicht dies die volle Transparenz der Software, sowie häufige Updates und die beste Leistung.

The DIGI32 wireless music streamer can be connected to a HiFi amplifier, active speakers or soundbar and it is precision engineered and manufactured in our own facility near Berlin, Germany.


  • Squeezelite – this enables DIGI32 to act as a Squeezebox Player when used in conjunction with a LMS (Logitech Media Server). It offers a very rich experience based on your locally stored music and many common online streaming services.
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplay 1

DIGI32 is not supplied with a power supply, but instead comes with a DC jack to USB-A cable for use with a USB power supply of choice. This should have a minimum power rating of 500 mA.


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