Developing Next Generation Audio Gear.

You have a great idea for a new audio based product? Your existing solution needs improvements? Your want to outsource the electrical engineering of your current project?

We are here to help you! We are a small but experienced and super flexible company offering all kinds of hardware engineering services as long as it has something to do with audio.

Creating low-power MCU designs or developing complex boards that run Linux isn’t a problem for us. Our speciality are short time-to-market deadlines, fast customer communication and choosing the right manufacturing process for best cost efficiency.



We are your best choice when it comes to developing:

  • digital audio processing systems, audio DSP, etc.
  • anything related to digital audio transmission within or between different devices, I2S, TDM, TOSLINK, …
  • complex Linux-based network streamers
  • highspeed data busses like DDR2/3, LVDS, etc.
  • high quality analog-digital and digital-analog conversion (DAC/ADC)
  • class-d amplifiers for driving active or passive loudspeakers
  • high efficiency power conversion including battery management
  • ARM and AVR based MCU projects
  • practical or nice looking housings made of genuine materials


Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can do anything for you. Nearly everything is possible. When a project is finished of course we are also offering prototype or even mass manufacturing completely done in-house!