Philip Voigt
Owner & Managing Director

Previously working for a well-known danish HiFi company before starting the PolyVection business back in 2013. It all began with developing software but quickly emerged into a more hardware focused venture for audio and IoT applications because I’m deeply in love with audio and embedded electronics.

When I’m not busy with designing complex PCBs or supervising production I am your contact for any technical requests, contracts and general business aspects.

Bob Abraham

I am a HiFi industry veteran and I co-founded QED Audio Products Ltd way back in 1973 and Systemline in 1988. I was also a member of the original three-man team responsible for introducing and managing the Q Acoustics brand. Nowadays I’m taking it a little easier and supporting Philip’s venture with my decades long experience in the HiFi industry.

It’s likely that you will be in contact with me during any initial project planning as well as general support and feedback.

In-House Manufacturing
near Berlin in Germany

During and after engineering your devices it’s necessary to actually build and validate them. Thanks to our well equipped In-House facility we can quickly build any device prototypes you’d like and even spin up low to medium quantity production runs. May it be PCB assembly or custom enclosures that need CNC milling, laser engraving or 3D printing. All machines are available in-house which greatly reduces lead time and cost.

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