Over the years we built up a small factory here. It all started with a small toaster oven re-purposed for soldering of PCBs. Soon after several proper machines joined and we keep expanding our equipment permanently. The general idea of having such things in-house is that this gives us the maximal flexibility for prototyping, quickly changing certain aspects during production and also identifying possible shortcomings at a very early stage. In the end this reduces ours and the customers risk and cost by quite an amount.

Conveyor Pick-Place Machine

The heart of our in-house PCB production is the NeoDen 4 pick and place machine. With its dual vision camera system, 48 tape feeders, four nozzles and the conveyor it is perfect for prototyping and smaller production runs.

Conveyor Reflow Oven

After all components were put on the PCB of course it also needs to be soldered then. We are equipped with a larger IR conveyor reflow oven for series production and a smaller manual hot-air convection one for prototyping purpose.

Manual Stencil Printer

A manual stencil printer helps us dispensing solderpaste onto the PCBs in a quick and accurate manner. It is highly flexible and suitable for prototyping and smaller production runs.

CO2 Laser

Our 40 Watt CO2 laser helps us engraving anodised aluminium as well as cutting and engraving custom labels. For prototyping purpose this machine also comes handy when cutting wood and acrylic sheets.

SLA 3D Printer

Thanks to our nice SLA based 3D printer we can print very complex mechanical prototypes in very little time. This is a resin based printer so the printing quality is higher and with minimal post processing it comes close to moulded plastic.

3 Axis CNC Mill

Not everything can be 3D printed and sometimes it is just much faster milling something out of a solid piece than 3D printing it. We have a flat bed CNC mill with vacuum table. We can machine parts up to 1300 x 700 x 130 mm.

Manual Lathe

Of course we also have a small manual lathe for machining anything that is round. It’s a pretty basic machine but we have a parter next-door with several CNC lathes.

Glass Beading Chamber

We are using this small chamber for glass beading CNC machined aluminium parts. It removes sharp edges and gives the parts a nice looking surface.

Audio Analyser

As we are focused on engineering audio devices we have a dedicated audio analyser. Our R&S UPL is equipped with the high performance low-noise generator as well as with the high resolution digital interface. We can measure all audio related specifications like THD+N, SINAD, output power, …

General E-Lab Equipment

Every electronics lab needs certain devices as some kind of standard equipment. We do have multiple power supplies, oscilloscopes, logic analysers. Further more we do have a huge storage of components for series production as well as for building prototypes.

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