Information in accordance with section 5 TMG of German law

PolyVection UG (haftungsbeschränkt),
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95 Haus 99 R210 + 210,
14532 Stahnsdorf b. Berlin,

Represented by

Philip Voigt (CEO),
Same address as above.


Telefon: +49 (0)3329 6079707,
E-Mail: info[-at-]polyvection[-dot-]com,
We prefer initial communication over E-Mail.

Register entry

Entry in Handelsregister,
Register court: Amtsgericht Potsdam,
Register number: HRB 32512 P

VAT number

EU community VAT number: DE292565668,
German tax ID: 29/475/30029

Waste disposal

Electrical and electronic equipment contains harmful substances that can have a negative impact on our environment and our human health if it is not disposed of properly or if it is not properly registered.In this regard, the symbol of the crossed-out dustbin indicates that the electrical and electronic equipment may not be disposed of with conventional household waste after its useful life, but must be collected separately for the purpose of reuse, recycling and recovery. Public collection points for electrical and electronic equipment are available in your area, allowing you to take them back free of charge. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to your own responsibility with regard to the deletion of personal data on the old devices to be disposed of. A complete list of collection points can be found at: Waste from electrical and electronic equipment can thus be avoided and resources used more efficiently.

ElektroG WEEE registration number: DE76526501

We are taking part in a dual system for waste disposal. Do not combine packaging material like cardboard with your normal household waste. Please recycle it according to local standards.

LUCID VerpackG registration number: DE5603175604089

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