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High quality WiFi connected music streamer based on the ESP32 controller and open source software.

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Our DAC32 wireless network music streamer is a high quality WiFi connected music streamer built around an ESP32 microcontroller and utilising a high performance DAC in a carefully optimised ultra low-noise design. We were using our high end audio analyser to fine-tune the analogue part achieving best performance.

It comes pre-installed with a well made and highly active community open source software called Squeezelite-ESP32. Unlike many other commercial devices this ensures full transparency in the source code, often software updates and best performance.

The DAC32 wireless music streamer can be connected to a HiFi amplifier, active speakers or soundbar and it is precision engineered and manufactured in our own facility near Berlin, Germany.


  • Squeezelite – this enables DAC32 to act as a Squeezebox Player when used in conjunction with a LMS (Logitech Media Server). It offers a very rich experience based on your locally stored music and many common online streaming services.
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplay 1

DAC32 is not supplied with a power supply, but instead comes with a DC jack to USB-A cable for use with a USB power supply of choice. This should have a minimum power rating of 500 mA.

Behind the scenes video that shows the production of the DAC32 PCB assemblies: https://youtu.be/pmqTgcCH4zM

Note for International Customers

Our distributor for outside the EU is Audiostore Ltd / vortexbox.co.uk.


Power Input Connector2.1/5.5 mm barrel connector
Power Input5 V DC @ 500 mA
Analogue Output Connector2x gold plated RCA
Analogue Outputup to 2.1 V RMS
THD+Nbetter than 0.005 %
WLANb/g/n 2.4 GHz
Supported Sample Rates44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 (automatic resampling to 96 kHz), 192 kHz (automatic resampling to 96 kHz) @ 16 or 24 bit
Packaging ContainsDAC32, USB-A to 2.1 mm power cable, Quick Start Guide, leaflet
Dimensions72 x 67 x 28 mm
Weight80 g


Quick Start GuideDAC32 Quick Start Guide
User ManualDAC32 User Manual v1
Declaration of ConformityDAC32-DoC
Audio Analyser MeasurementDAC32 measurements (R&S UPL)
Latest FirmwareVersion 1.2.2
Important InformationWhen coming from a 1.0.x firmware you have to change DAC32's name once after installing 1.1.2 or later. Navigate to it's web interface and go to "System". Type a new device name and click "Save".
Firmware MD5 Checksum577b57d51d76a3d9b034a10ee330f986
Latest Firmware Sourcecodegit tag "rel-1.2.2"
Firmware install instructionsYouTube Tutorial Video
Press KitDownload here

6 reviews for DAC32 Streamer

  1. Jean-Noël

    Ce truc, c’est un petit bijou.

    Je l’ai branché sur l’entrée AUX de ma chaîne HI-FI
    J’ai essayé toutes les configurations possibles : Bluetooth, Airplay et Squeezelite associé avec LMS.

    Pour le mode Squeezelite, il vient en remplacement d’un Duet Logitech Receiver. Il fonctionne sans nécessité de ré-echantillonner mes musiques FLAC originales en 24/96. Le son est une pure merveille.

    Pour le mode Bluetooth, sur mon smartphone et le PC Windows, le son est bien mieux que mon enceinte bluetooth. Pour mon PC linux avec Bluetooth, un petit bémol : il faut encore améliorer la connectivité.

    Un ami est venu avec son Iphone, il a pu le connecter très facilement par AirPlay (un clic, ça fonctionne) . Nous avons passé la soirée à écouter la musique alternativement de son Iphone et de mon LMS. Un super son.

  2. D. J.

    Thanks Polyvection!
    I have my DAC32 connected to a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1 Active’s with a 1m pair of Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects (which have been lying in a draw for 15 years!) and an Apple A1399 PSU. The sound is astounding and I can’t drag myself away from listening.

    I do my own needle drops at 192/24 from a Koetsu/SME/Sutherland Phd/Audio Research rig and the DAC32 renders them beautifully. Sound is better than my Topping E30 so quite a tribute to the skills of Phillip and Bob in developing this product. I really want to compare it against my Transporter in my main listening room which I might get round to at some point. An afternoon of high res from Radio Blues beckons – great station.

    DAC32 and the AE1’s are a match made in heaven as the resolution, precision and sound stage are sublime.

    Thank you so much guys for developing this product, it really is an audiophile bargain!


  3. NPais

    What a great product Polyvection 🙂

    I’ve upgraded to DAC32 Streamer from a Chromecast Audio connection to my active monitors, and the difference was immediatelly noticeable: more clarity and greater soundstage and separation!

    After doing some tinkering in Roon, I’ve lost connection to DAC32, but Polyvection technical support swiftly came to the rescue and helped me to solve my problem.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. D.J.

    Following on from my previous review I just spent the weekend listening to a DAC32 through my main hi-fi system and comparing it to a Transporter/external DAC. I fed the DAC32 into an Audio Research LS22 tube pre-amp balanced outputs to a Krell FPB300 powering a pair of Wilson Benesch Art 1 speakers and a pair of acoustically matched Velodyne sub woofers. The Transporter is balanced into an Audio Synthesis DAX Decade, balanced into the LS22. The whole system has dedicated 50A screened mains cables back to a pair of isolation transformers and dedicated fuse box to the meter. A pair of Isotek power conditioners are used to distribute the power in the rack. It is a very revealing lush system to listen to, even more so with vinyl.

    The results were quite surprising in a good way. The DAC32 was very good to listen to with punchy bass and a forward sound stage – that is the music seemed to be in front of the speakers. Swapping between the Transporter/DAC combination and the DAC32 revealed some differences. The sound was more laid back as the soundstage was behind the speakers, bass was less punchy but more refined. On some tracks it was difficult to tell the difference between the two sources on others it was more apparent.

    The DAC32 is a worthy addition to the Squeezebox family and outperforms the SB3, Touch and is on par with a Transporter. If you need an end point for your LMS this thing is the best value for money out there. You would need to spend double to get an RPi/DAC to the same level regardless of the abilities of your system.

  5. Lewis

    I’m from the UK and purchased via a supplier. Arrived as expected and in plastic free packaging. Good stuff.

    I use Roon via a NUC running ROCK and comparing my other setup which was a dedicated streamer to external DAC via USB or Coaxial I find the sound quality of the DAC32 very pleasing for a one tiny box solution. I’m not an audiophile but can tell the difference between different pieces of kit.

    Cost for quality and sound quality mote importantly this is well worth getting.

  6. Hugh

    Superb audio quality for an outstandingly reasonable price. The DAC beats any other streaming solution I’ve ever used.

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