CoreAMP1 – embedded audio receiver

It has been a while since we released some details of our PolyCore1 audio module prototype. Of course we never stand still and always search for new ways and possibilities. While PolyCore1 is good for integration in a project where space is very limited, all the different expansion modules can be a little difficult to handle. Also […]

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New PlainDAC

Due to some massive work on the development side our popular PlainDAC wasn’t available for a couple of month. We have taken this chance to rebuild it from scratch, include some ideas from our customers and also make it plug-n-play compatible with our new PolyCore1 streaming engine. As you can see the major improvement over […]

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New PolyCore1 peripherals

After the general introduction of PolyCore1 last week we now like to tell you some more details on our plug-n-play compatible peripheral modules. They are all engineered to give you the best performance/size ratio. Attention was also payed to place all the mounting holes on suitable and easy accessible positions. This allows you to build a […]

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Introducing PolyCore1

For a long time we had a dream. We were thinking of a tiny Linux based audio board that would even fit in the smallest housings or speakers. Super flexible connector options as well as very low power consumption had also high priority. Existing solutions were either too bulky with connectors always on the wrong place […]

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Currently out of stock – new products soon

You might have already noticed that all of our current products are marked as “out of stock” at the moment. Of course this has a reason. We are currently developing some new and amazing modules that are quite complex and very time consuming. A lot of hard- and software needs to be engineered. This is […]

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Raspberry Pi ZERO and the PlainDAC series

Of course we are very excited about the new Raspberry Pi ZERO. It perfectly matches our philosophy regarding price/performance ratio. The combination of RPi ZERO and our DAC’s (and very soon an amplifier module, too) is great to bring high quality audio experience to every room. In the beginning we had some trouble in getting one […]

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PlainDAC+ and PlainDSP with BeagleBone Black

We are proud to tell you that we have created a custom kernel for BeagleBone Black which supports PlainDAC+ and PlainDSP natively. So you are now able to use all features of the alsa-utils to control our DAC’s in combination with BBB. The kernel driver runs the DAC in I2S master mode. This makes it […]

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Introducing PlainDAC/DAC+ and PlainDSP

PlainDAC and PlainDSP: high-end audio performance starting from less than 10,- € We are proud to introduce our new I2S audio PCB module series. Meant to be connected directly to the digital audio interface of single-board-computers (SBC) they offer stunning sound at a stunning price tag. You might already know that the onboard audio performance of […]

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