Growing company

Since 2013 we have successfully developed and sold audiophile DIY tinkering PCB’s to people all over the world. Customers highly praised us for keeping the footprint of our audio modules as small as their price and we want to thank all of you for letting us be part of the do-it-yourselfe community.

As the world keeps spinning and we are getting more and more B2B requests for development and manufacturing, selling those little tinkering modules to hobbyists became a very small part of our work.

Also we have some own plans on offering impressive “end-customer-ready” audio gear later this year.
As all of this is really time consuming we have to concentrate our forces on future-proof fields of application. Unfortunately those “naked” hardware DIY modules like our PlainDAC and PlainAMP aren’t part of them.

If you bought such a module from us and you have any questions or problems please contact us directly. We will help where we can.

Otherwise it is highly recommended to sign up for the newsletter to receive updates regarding our new products that are coming soon. Although they are completely finished on the hardware side they will still be of great interest for technically interested people.

Stay tuned!

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