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Audiophile digital-to-analog converter with I2S input and RCA output.
Includes two ultra low noise LDO’s, film type capacitors, DC/DC converter and advanced protection.
Integrated volume control for best audio performance.
Directly compatible with PolyCore1. Other Linux boards via adapter.

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PlainAMP is the latest generation of easy to integrate and highly audiophile Class-D audio amplifiers on a single module.

It allows easy and fast building of prototypes and reduces time-to-market significantly when used in the final product.  Also reduces cost thanks to the integrated 5V DC/DC converter for downstream supply.

Best audio quality due to digital I2S input and high quality filter components on the output side. Two ultra low noise LDO’s feeding the amplifier IC offering reduced ripple.

Also incorporates advanced protection features such as overvoltage and ESD protection, inrush current limitation and a polyfuse. Thanks to the integrated I2C temperature sensor you can easily watch how warm the PCB gets and e.g. limit volume in a critical state. Great for small and close housings.

PlainAMP features robust power input and speaker output connectors with locking mechanism to prevent malfunctions due to loose cables.

Includes two speaker wires (each 30 cm), a power cable (30 cm) and a barrel jack adapter board.

Compatible the PlainDAC <-> Raspberry Pi adapter kit.

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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 83 x 48 x 17 mm