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Audiophile digital-to-analog converter with I2S input and RCA output.
Includes two ultra low noise LDO's and film type capacitors.
Integrated volume control for best audio performance.
Directly compatible with PolyCore1. Other Linux boards via adapter.

Volume Discount available.


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We have no plans to start producing PlainDAC again. VoltaStream ZERO is the direct successor of PlainDAC. Have a look at it HERE.


PlainDAC is the latest generation of easy to integrate and highly audiophile digital-to-analog converters on a single module.

It allows easy and fast building of prototypes and reduces time-to-market significantly when used in the final product.

The standard version features a PCM5121 chipset from Texas Instruments which offers best price/performance ratio. On request it is also available with PCM5100 or PCM5142.

The PlainDAC module comes with a standard RCA connector (red/white), has four 2.75 mm mounting holes as well as a convenient 40 pin FPC connector for feeding power and all external signals. For volume orders we can provide several interconnection adapters for this 40 pin connector. For prototyping purpose and signal integrity measurement there is an unpopulated 10 way 2.54 mm pin header to gain access to the I2S + I2C bus as well as the power supply.

All input and output signals are protected with TVS diodes to prevent ESD damages.

Internal separated power supply for the digital and analog part of the DAC. Both are fed by ultra low noise LDO’s.
Also includes WIMA film type shunt capacitors for best audio quality. The standard PlainDAC (PCM5121) also provides internal volume control.

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Weight 12 g
Dimensions 42 x 36 x 25 mm