Linux Systems

Well tested drop-in electronic designs running embedded Linux


The SOM alternative

Like a System-on-Module
Just better!

You are probably viewing this page because you are looking for integrating an embedded Linux into your product.  Designing your very own one is not a trivial task and requires in-depth knowledge you usually don’t have in-house. 

A common go-to solution is using a System-on-Module (SoM) but that comes with many downsides. High cost, bulky dimensions and permanent dependency on a 3rd party are just a few of them.

To overcome those limitations we are offering well tested drop-in circuits that are being integrated directly into your mainboard. This gives your product maximal flexibility and full control while not caring about handling those one-off engineering resources in-house.  


NXP i.MX6ULx series
iMX6UL / i.MX6ULL / i.MX6ULZ

Cost optimised single cores without GPU.

Example applications

Low-power / battery IoT 
4G Gateway & GPS
Basic HMI


NXP i.MX6 series
i.MX6S / i.MX6D / i.MX6Q

Robust multi-cores with GPU & rich peripherals.

Example applications

Industrial Equipment 
A/V processing
Storage Solutions
Advanced HMI


RockChip PX30
PX30 / PX30K

Cost optimised quad-core with powerful 3D GPU.

Example applications

Home Entertainment
Central IoT Gateway
Advanced HMI

Your own Linux platform.
Without the headache!

Not only is it easier than every having your own Linux capable hardware but we also take you through the fundamental software development. Every of our PolyCores comes with an easy to use yocto BSP with integrated OTA updates for kick starting your ideas.

Forget about tinkering together your OS distribution. By using yocto you are creating your own one from scratch with excellent CI/CD support and over-the-air update solutions. 

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