Embedded Engineering

Ideation. Development. Production.

Your passionate partner for bringing smart product ideas to market.

10 years of experience 

Since 2012 we are helping our clients making their product ideas become reality and continue to optimise existing lineups. With the main focus on embedded electronics and their industrialisation we provide the key values to successful products.

Ideation & Prototyping

Modern tools and rich in-house machinery allows us to offer rapid prototyping with quick iteration loops.

Engineering & Validation

Skilled engineers take care of designing and improving products according to our high internal standards.

Production & Support

From hand-crafting low volumes to mass production of thousands – we speak the language of manufacturers.

Specialised in electronics for the IoT 

The internet of things is one of the fasted growing product categories and we are here to make it easier than ever for you. Improving existing products from an electronics or software perspective or developing something entirely new based on your idea. We will make it as easy and as seamlessly as possible for you.

Billion IoT devices until 2030

New devices connected every second

Drop-in Linux designs

Like a System-on-Module. Just better!
We do provide our customers with several validated from-scratch designs for every purpose. From cost-effective to low-power or even high performance applications. They can be directly implemented in your product without the need of expensive 3rd party SoM solutions or excessive internal development efforts.

Our detailed offerings

PolyVection is your one-stop-shop for realising best-in-class products. Probably it would be a lot shorter outlining what we are not able to offer. One of such things certainly is mediocre quality. 

PCB schematic & layout design

Digital, analogue & mixed signal

Simulation & validation

Embedded Linux & bare metal

Over-the-Air update solutions

Graphical user interfaces

Custom plastic & metal enclosures

Rapid in-house prototyping

UI & UX research

Product compliance testing

Contract manufacturing

Quality assurance

Flashback: How VoltaStream paved our way

Several years ago the release of an open source single-board-computer optimised for audio streaming started something great. A successful project that stands in the beginning of a long journey towards what we are capable of today.

In the works: open source PolyCore with RISC-V processor

Announcing the upcoming open-source PolyCore8 Linux design block in form of a single-board-computer with a RISC-V Renesas RZ/5 processor.

Showcase project: Audio Adapter using PolyCore7

A real world example of how our PolyCore linux processor blocks can be used to create a highly specialised product in almost no time.

Let’s get together!

It doesn’t matter if your are a startup with a life changing idea or an established company.

Everybody can profit from PolyVection’s decade long industry experience in bringing class leading products to market.

Use the blue floating button below to schedule a first video call. Philip will give you more insights on our offerings and how we can start a great collaboration.

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