Your Partner For Embedded Audio Solutions.

We are an experienced and very flexible company offering everything you need for creating cutting-edge audio solutions. Based in Berlin, Germany.

Several years knowledge in specifying, developing and manufacturing audiophile products makes us the perfect partner if you have a great idea but don’t know where to start or what to do next.

We are offering a very wide spectrum of services. May this be designing PCB layouts, programming linux drivers and mobile apps, specifying protocols or providing you with prototypes and even mass manufacturing a whole product. As pretty much everything is done in-house we can offer a unique flexibility.

Basically everything is possible. From a simple bare PCB where a MCU controls a ADC, DAC, … up to complex boards running customized Linux distributions that are embedded in nice designer housings.

You have the idea – we have the knowledge and the tools. Just contact us, we won’t disappoint you!