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Showcase project: Audio Adapter using PolyCore7

In most cases unfortunately we cannot expose any details about client projects we are currently working on. So it’s always a bit hard for us to give outside people an idea about our general workflow and what cool things we are dealing with on a daily base.

To overcome this a little the decision was met to create several showcase projects. They are all engineered from scratch and built around one of our PolyCore linux processing blocks. Designed to be a proof-of-concept which could – in theory – be easily brought into serial production. Nevertheless the latter will never happen as it’s really just a showcase to give a better impression of PolyVection.

The first showcase we just finalised is our so-called “Universal Link Adapter”.

The Universal Link Adapter brings audio gear from the last century into the modern streaming world.

We built this device around our PolyCore7 processor block. The NXP i.MX8MN Ultra Lite at the heart communicates with CD players and turntables over legacy serial protocols and distributes their audio to modern network / smart speakers. All enclosed in a custom CNC machined aluminium housing.

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About our envisioned Universal Link Adapter device.

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